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I must confess, I haven’t made much progress on the next beta. I have spent a bit of time debugging and logging many things, but not enough time. I have been very busy (:wink: :wink:) and just havent had the time to sit down on this. Hopefully this weekend will be a different beast, I slept most of last weekend. How is life keeping you ? Anxious that you weren’t able to schedule that email to be sent later ?

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DaveMarch 31st, 2009 at 22:43

I’ve been using SL*TR for 3 months now and thinks it’s great. however, I’ve just sceduled two mails to be sent early tomorrow morning (April 1st, - any connection?) and the Send Later saves the file in Drafts as to be sent in May, not April. Nothing I try will get it to time stamp for APril.

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