Calling all guinea pigs !

I have received quite a bit of feedback from the last release and want to make a better job releasing the next one. So, I want to maintain a proper list of beta users and a proper beta release. I have already done a bit of work in setting up and now invite users, who wish to pariticipate in beta programs to contact me on software<underscore>beta at this site’s domain. [Hope that wasn't too cryptic]. I will maintain a mailing list of users and hopefully collate feedback a bit better.

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On the lookout

I must confess, I haven’t made much progress on the next beta. I have spent a bit of time debugging and logging many things, but not enough time. I have been very busy (:wink: :wink:) and just havent had the time to sit down on this. Hopefully this weekend will be a different beast, I slept most of last weekend. How is life keeping you ? Anxious that you weren’t able to schedule that email to be sent later ?

Killzone 2 - Myview

Killzone 2

Killzone 2 - A much hyped first person shooter developed by Guerilla Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Released on 26th February 2009

[I got my copy a day earlier because my local game store, where I had preordered decided to be nice]. This article/review is entirely based on my view of the gaming experience provided by the game.

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Features you desire

Since I have finally released Send Later, I am starting to do some work on Send Later 1.3. For starters I am going to try to include the following features:

1. Recurring email [Ability to send later and resend every x hours].

2. Modified user interface.

If you have any requests please let me know in the comments and I will try my best to accomodate them.



One small step for SL8TR

Here it is, the golden elixir :-)

Just kidding. This is the promised update, [I know, I know, promised long ago... yada yada.. I am sorry].

Its labelled version and includes MANY new features:

  • Improved - Background polling now does not consume many resources since it only looks at headers
  • Improved - Header search and replace is more consistent across platforms
  • Fixed - Many minor crash issues and formatting issues [from beta]
  • New - 3 configurable buttons with preset [configurable] time offsets
  • New - Keyboard shortcuts to preset buttons [ALT + 1, ALT + 2, ALT + 3]
  • New - Send Later Toolbar available
  • New - Send Later header visible in drafts folder [configurable]
  • New - Send Later column visible in drafts folder [configurable]
  • New - Awesomeness :-)

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Let’s get this started !

Please bear with me, there will be news soon, I don’t plan on going AWOL!!!

Famous last words from nearly 2 years ago.

I started this blog a few years ago, making mundane observations, releasing some software, and generally helping people out. I had invested a lot of my time on this website, I had great plans and I had great ambitions.

Then the ’storm’ broke out.

I was getting comment SPAM by the thousands every day [apart from pingback SPAM and trackback SPAM]. I was getting email SPAM by the hundred every day. I tried to port the website across to Drupal [still available on]. The website got hacked into a few times [Thank you very much]. My hosting account got hacked into once [Thank you very much]. My hosting provider had no clue [Thank you very much]. I tried to port the site across to Joomla. My laptop harddisk went to heaven, it took a recovery service 1 week to give me a dump of raw text files. I was getting overloaded at work. A senior colleague quit and dropped a huge burden on my shoulders and I have been cleaning up his mess ever since.

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Updating this site

Hi Guys,

As part of a planned update to this site, I have had to lock down comments for a day or two while I sort out the transfer of data from Wordpress to Drupal. Please bear with me, there will be news soon, I don’t plan on going AWOL!!!


Back in business

Well, I have been quite quiet lately, that’s because I was down with a stomach bug/flu and ended up spending quite a while at home resting. Normally that would have meant a greater deal of time spent working on my ‘projects’, but unfortunately I could not bear to stare at a computer screen [ in all of its WUXGA glory ;-) ].

Anyway, I am back. Back in business. I just sent out a beta of the Send Later Extension to some of the beta testers. I have a few more blog posts planned for this week. I also plan to add a forum to this website for helping out people with some of my software releases. I am also working on a ‘new’ project which I will make public soon.

Hope everybody is keeping well.

Send Later Extension Progress

I did not intend for this to take so long, but here we are. There is a lot of progress going on in the development of the “Send Later” extension version 1.2.0 and a couple of beta versions have been tested by few of the users and some of their feedback has been incorporated into the extension. I hope to release this as soon as possible, please hang on :-). Meanwhile, if you are interested in beta testing please leave a comment below, I will try to entertain as many as I can before the list gets too big.

Have a nice day y’all.

Add Toolbar for Thunderbird Released

Frustrated that you cannot add a custom toolbar in Mozilla Thunderbird [Something you can do easily in Firefox], I wrote this extension.

Read more here .

If you have any comments / problems, please discuss below.

Cheers, I am going to sleep now.